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Staff Member 4

Owen Wilson in the First staff member. He is a hard working, intelegent man. He has a will to work hard and do his job right, Owen is good for the job becuase of his ability to never give up and to always try harder.

Kevin Hart is another one of the staff memebers. He is a hard worker aswell but a lot of people like him becuase of how funny he is. He can always make someone laugh while on the job.

Robert is the third staff member, he is extremly smart and is always trying to make new things or find new ways to do his work. He is always doing the job hes told to do but his downside is that sometimes he shows up to work late.

Adam is the last staff member. Adam is always making the other guys laugh but still gets his work done on time, he is a very hard worker and sometimes he'll get scared by you and scream. This is only because he is so focused that he never notices anyone walk up to him.